Wednesday, 26 August 2015 16:24

Get Ready for the Workforce

Written by Stacey Langan, KYSHRM Public Relations

Chances are when you hear someone speak of “workforce readiness,” your mind first thinks of all the ways a student, candidate and/or employee can better prepare themselves for today’s workforce. Will they bring the right skills to the workplace? Will their abilities match your business needs? Is student learning relevant to real world success? While all of these thoughts are pertinent to workforce readiness, just as important is your role in human resources, addressing these many facets. How are YOU working to prepare your workplace and those entering it?

You must embrace the challenge of evaluating business needs and refining hiring criteria to select qualified candidates who are ready to address these needs. Be a voice for your organization and your talent pool. You must also remain engaged with the workforce; don’t lose sight of their motivations and challenges. Inspire your organization to genuinely welcome the new workforce. Equally as important, you must collaborate with your network to create new trainings and learning opportunities to help better develop your community’s workers—after all, they are your talent pool.

Look no further than the upcoming KYSHRM Conference to expand your network and seek cutting edge knowledge, information and approaches to address workforce readiness. While attending national conferences and other professional development opportunities are exhilarating and rewarding, don’t discount the breadth of knowledge sitting in your own backyard. We’re in this together. Preview conference content within and join us this fall!

Stacey Langan
KYSHRM Public Relations

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