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Making a Wise Investmentthe

Written by Stacey Langan, KYSHRM Public Relations

It’s no secret that organizations want top talent. The secrets, however, lie in the way an organization successfully manages and develops its top talent. As HR professionals, we naturally find ourselves in the ongoing juggling act of attracting, developing and retaining top-notch human capital. It’s no wonder that in the midst of this cycle, while searching for the perfect candidate and designing compelling development opportunities, we often neglect one of the most important talent investments—the one we make in ourselves.

Seeing how HR professionals are entrusted with the very important task of securing top talent, we must prioritize the investment in ourselves to also be top talent. Talent attracts talent, and talent drives results. It’s critical that we know our organization’s goals, strategies, and operations so that we can best prepare the workforce to meet (and ideally exceed) expectations. Just as importantly, we must also know current industry and employment trends. And last but surely not least, we must know and nurture our personal strengths and weaknesses.

Aside from formal education and specialized training, sharing best practices, exploring innovative methods, researching trends, and professional networking are some of the most effective ways an HR professional (or any professional for that matter) can fuel their own talent growth. Furthermore, self-reflection, team-building and personal interest activities should receive just as much attention in helping one achieve their potential. The range of development opportunities for us is wide, but its importance and the time devoted to them are often short-sided.

Chances are, if you’re taking the time to pursue this magazine, you’re inclined to make strides in investing in all aspects of talent growth. We’re pleased that the topics discussed and information shared in this issue will bring you one step closer in this endeavor. Each issue published comes from our fellow HR colleagues and highlights the many facets of our challenging industry. Likewise, don’t miss out on the opportunity to delve further into these topics and others at the KYSHRM conference this fall!

The organizations you serve are counting on you, to be and bring top-notch talent. What will be your next stride towards improving your own bottom line? Work now to prioritize the initiatives that will help you make the most impact on both your personal and your organization’s growth. Time is short; invest wisely.

Stacey Langan
KYSHRM Public Relations

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