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Wednesday, 26 August 2015 16:48

LETTER TO MY BOSS: Why should I go to KYSHRM State Conference?

Written by Perry Sholes, SPHR

Truth is, it's difficult tp say for sure in advance of going to the conference why you should go to Conference. Best reason I can say in advance is it’s a conference that is organized by Human Resources professionals for the development of themselves and their peers. I figure since the HR people are the ones who plan the holiday party, company picnic, annual meetings and those events are usually pretty darn good, then they should do a good job planning an event for themselves! What I know is they are always concerned about being the best for their company and doing what’s right for the employees they represent.

The other thing I know about the KYSHRM State Conference is that the agenda is packed with sessions across every aspect of a full-time Human Resource’s person job and it’s a great place to learn for the person who just has HR responsibilities. In previous years the schedule is set so if I miss a session on day one, its more than likely repeated on another so I don’t miss out on a crucial topic I needed to get new ideas. This conference has also been the one event each year that I can earn many of my re-certification credits for my SPHR. So I’d say this conference is the best event within the state of Kentucky because within two-and-a-half days, I can earn certification credits and get up-to-date information about my role as a Human Resources professional.

Then there is the FUN! So I know I can’t quantify fun when calculating ROI, but I know I’m much more relaxed and content after spending time with my peers from across the state. It’s fun to reconnect with peers I have met in previous years and its great meeting new people. One thing I can say for ROI, the relationships I have built during conference has come in handy when recruiting for IT jobs last year, when working on the wellness program, etc. One or two quick emails to people I met during conference paid off by getting me critical information that I didn’t have or didn’t know where to get without those connections. The flip side is that I am also telling all my peers about some of the great things we do at our company. Learning and collaborating with people within the state is fun and it’s a big part of why I look forward to going to the State Conference versus any other conference.

Then there are the Speakers at the General Sessions. Kentucky has been able to get some very informative, engaging and thought provoking speakers. Case in point, one of last year’s keynote speakers created the image you see to the right. He started out with a blank canvas and boy we were treated to an amazing session about how our attitude can change another person’s day by how we represent ourselves. Most important thing about this keynote session: You had to BE THERE! It was a treat that words won’t do justice. I was there, took in the message and put into practice the lesson, so the ROI is going to continue to pay back for a long time!

May I please go to KYSHRM Conference again this year?

Perry Sholes, SPHR, is an Independent Sales Representative with PaySolve. Email: