Saturday, 02 March 2013 16:44

Good Luck in 2013

Written by Damian Wirth, SPHR

We often see people influenced by superstition. The phobia surrounding the number thirteen is called, triskaidekaphobia. Yes, I had to research that. For evidence, visit a hotel that has more than twelve floors. I discovered that many airlines omit the thirteenth row in numbering seats and some cities skip over 13th street. For the year 2013, I offer a different approach. Nearly twenty years have passed since I heard someone say, “Luck occurs when an opportunity encounters someone’s preparation.” This has proven true so often when I analyze a situation. How do we make 2013 “lucky” then?

Given the two important factors, “opportunity” and “preparation,” this is our year. Human resource professionals have been preparing, training, and aligning strategies. Look at the recent tools that have emerged. We are making the critical shift to decision making through research and pursuit of knowledge, improving the outcome of situations in the workplace. Many tools and principles like Social Capital Analysis and Human Capital Investment are not new concepts. However, they are finally being recognized as successful measures in organizations. We simply need to prepare to use these and other great tools effectively. Utilizing SHRM’s on-line research and articles is a great way to keep updated on the latest topics and regulations.

We encounter the second factor daily. Opportunities bombard us continually. The major opportunities are those that allow us to shine. While we never want to miss a great opportunity, we should not overlook those that build our reputation for consistency and reliability. Strong foundations make the impact of big opportunities sustainable. In the current turbulence, we can find opportunities to support our organizations, emerge as trusted leaders, and deliver successful outcomes. However, if we fail to prepare, we may look back or watch other companies flourish and discount the chance to bad luck.

The results each day are based on decisions. Decisions we make and decisions outside of our control that cause us to choose a particular reaction or behavior. Adopt a resolution that you will keep this year. Prepare yourself and your organization, then seek the opportunities and become fully aware of the business climate on the horizon. I wish you all the “luck” and hope you make 2013 your best year yet.

Damian Wirth, SPHR

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