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A Message from the Chair of Workforce Readiness of NKYSHRM:

Written by Amy Hehman, PHR

Dear Colleagues and Members, it is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to reflect and report on the activity pertaining to Workforce Readiness in the Northern Kentucky SHRM Chapter, the efforts and results which have only been achieved by our chapter.

We all of course recognize the importance of being prepared; this is exactly what Workforce Readiness is charged with; we support and develop new programs within our local community to prepare our future employees and business leaders. Be it educational institutions, not-for-profit programs or self-elected volunteers and coaches (I would call them our community heroes), we are all focused on one common goal, that of educating and preparing individuals to enter or re-enter the workforce.

As HR professionals we train, develop, and often times confirm that the best candidate is in the pipeline; we coach, counsel, and forecast. We ask questions like, “can we as an organization handle different production levels with the personnel we have in place today? Do we need more? Do we need less, and do we have the right people to take us to the next level?” Workforce Readiness is at the very core of all of these questions.

Over the past two years I have focused my NKYSHRM volunteer efforts on creating a stronger and more dedicated committee with initiatives that support and develop readiness concepts. Along the way I have found a tremendous amount of support from not only the Board but from, committee members and chapter volunteers; all with a passion to make a difference, create something new and support existing programs.

Together, we have created and implemented a program that partners with local schools, public and private. To date, the program, M.S.P., has reached more than 800 students and received recognition from administrators, students and parents. We introduced a panel of NKYSHRM volunteers to these students who gave them an insight to various industries and positions; they know a bit more now than before about what is “out there” and how to get there. For our future employees, we made a difference.

Together, we have partnered with a local not-for-profit, focused on collecting valuable school supplies and needed materials for learning. The program services schools where more than half of the students must qualify for free lunches. How can you learn and prepare for a future if you don’t even have the proper tools? Our goal was to collect three bins of supplies, NKYSHRM collected more than double that goal. For our future employees, we made a difference.

Together, we have conducted classes at local libraries to teach basic computer skills and interview techniques, as well as, resume and cover letter writing to our unemployed VETS and displaced seniors. Groups of volunteers from NKYSHRM instructed and coached class attendees who were truly starving for help and guidance; they were enthusiastic, eager to learn and full of questions. This week long initiative lasted three hours per night; class participants left with a complete resume, additional resources, and more importantly, hope. For our future employees, we made a difference.

Our goals next year will be to continue on the path we’ve started, by creating local partners and executing programs that truly do make a difference. If you are interested in learning more about the NKYSHRM initiatives, please contact me at 859.991.5335.

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