Incorporating lean management concepts within professional Human Resource Management (HRM) can be an overwhelming proposition. This article will define ‘lean’ as a human systems perspective, highlight several key concepts, and illustrate practical applications for personnel and their organizational systems business functions. The term ‘lean’ is not an acronym.

Getting a fitness tracker for my birthday excited me. This tracker was going to change my health for the better. I knew I needed to be more conscious of my diet and exercise to prevent all those things that happen if we don’t take care of ourselves as we age. The same is true when you hire people to work for you. You want to take good care of your business to keep it healthy and growing.

AA thoroughbred racehorse running in the Kentucky Derby can accelerate from zero to forty miles per hour in only three strides after breaking from the gate. Likewise, if well-trained and conditioned, a disparate group of people can come together in the right moments to build a winning team and achieve legendary results. Run annually on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby is the longest consecutively-running sporting event in US history.

Retention appears to be the focus of thoughtful employers in all industry sectors. Whether a small nonprofit, a large trade association, or a multinational financial services firm, employers are putting significant resources into retaining good employees. This is no small wonder since the costs of recruitment and turnover are so high.

I recently presented a workshop on attracting and retaining Millennial talent to a group of concrete company owners and managers. One gentleman shared his hiring frustration saying, “They’re just lazy! I can’t find any young guys who are willing to work sixty hours a week anymore!”

Worksite wellness has been identified as one of KYSHRM’s priorities and KYSHRM was well represented at the 8th Annual Kentucky Worksite Wellness Conference held last March in Lexington. Presenters shared best practices, tips, and strategies on a variety of worksite wellness topics from financial wellness to nutrition to mental wellbeing to generational approaches to wellness.

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