Let’s survey your current staff!
How many people in your organization have been there 10+ years,
are deep-rooted and likely aren’t going anywhere until retirement?
We’ll call these staff “trees.”
And how many people haven’t been there long, and their position
will likely turn over multiple times in the next few years? We’ll call
these roles our “revolving doors.”

Every company has workplace policies and expected standards
of conduct for its employees. Unfortunately, people do not always
live up to those expectations which can result in a unilateral
decision by the company to part ways with an employee.

In Sandy Smith’s “Employers Rank Employee Engagement as a Strategic Priority,” over 82 percent of employers surveyed by TalentKeepers said that employee engagement was a priority in 2016. Engaged employees are happy, committed and loyal to their organization. In addition, engaged employees are more than likely productive firm citizens who have a desire to contribute to the success of the organization for which they work.

I vividly remember my first job interview. Hearing about how great this company was to work for made me want that job so much more. Bursting with excitement about this opportunity, I arrived early like the experts advised, but I had to wait a long time before meeting with the interviewer. I wasn’t given any information or reason for the delay, offered something to drink or told where to find a restroom. I was nervous, and now I felt lost and abandoned sitting alone in the lobby.

I believe it’s important for leaders to collaborate with all
employees during times of organizational change. It increases
your effectiveness as a leader, creates trust, helps your employees
feel valued, reduces resistance, creates buy-in and positively
impacts your bottom line.

In 2005, the Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award was developed to recognize volunteer SHRM leaders in Kentucky. The award, named after two-time KYSHRM chair Lyle Hanna, SPHR, SHRMSCP, honors recipients for “tireless efforts, enthusiastic spirit and passionate commitment to serve the HR professional and advance the HR profession.”

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