How satisfied are your employees? How engaged are they? What do they like best about working at your organization? What do they like least? What percentage expects to leave within the next year?

As I settle in at a table in my favorite cafe near my home, large coffee in hand, I check my work emails from my personal smart phone as I pull out my personal laptop and dial into my company servers providing access to all of our systems.

Most of you should have received a notice back in June, mandated by the Department of Labor, regarding Rule 408(b)(2). Unfortunately, many of you may have filed it away with the rest of your qualified plan information and haven’t looked at it since.

Human resources professionals lead many aspects of an organization’s strategy, including the development of key leaders. Executive coaching is HR’s strategic resource to create highly-customized, one-on-one coaching experiences to accelerate strategic outcomes.

The life you’ve made may include a healthy dose of giving, whether it’s to your family, your friends, your church, or your profession.

Recent research has shown that there is a large and disturbing gap between what selection researchers are finding relative to the effectiveness of different hiring practices, and what HR practitioners know and believe on this topic.

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