The standard line in management theory regarding conflict in the work place is, “Conflict is inevitable. It’s always with us.”

"I think our organization is dying!" The voice on the other end of the phone proclaimed. When I asked the executive why, she responded, “We don’t know how to shed!”

In my seminars for supervisors and middle manager, I often ask the group to list what they think are the most effective motivating factors in the workplace.

If you have a mission statemnt, convene a “walk the talk” meeting with your team. Then, answer two questions: 1) What current policies and actions contradict our mission statement?

Truth is, it's difficult tp say for sure in advance of going to the conference why you should go to Conference. Best reason I can say in advance is it’s a conference that is organized by Human Resources professionals for the development of themselves and their peers.

Let's face it, HR: "Where are you now?" It's no wonder we are hated. Nearly five years have passed since the financial crisis, and we’re left with one lasting result—we are operating with fewer workers, and it may be our fault.

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