Most HR Professionals know generational issues exist in their office, but all too often they can’t pinpoint exactly how those differences are affecting the business or what to do to fix them.

In December each year the KYSHRM State Council and Chapter Leaders from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky attend a leadership conference to discuss primary human resources issues and strategically plan for the coming calendar year.

Nine years since its publication, Hammond's article aptly titled “Why we hate HR” continues to provoke conversations about the actual versus desired role and function of HR in companies.

Who's the most successful HR Professional you know—boss, mentor or other colleague? What qualities do they possess? What makes them stand out?

KYSHRM’S mission is enaging people, leading organizations, and Advancing Kentucky. What better way to keep our mission at the forefront than to have open dialogue with a group of veteran human resource leaders from across our state?

Here it is already springtime, and before you know it, we’ll be in the trenches of the summertime heat.

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