Organizational culture can be a powerful recruiting and retention tool, but left to languish, or worse, allowing toxic values to become integrated into a culture can have disastrous consequences.

How many times has your organization posted a vacancy online only to be disappointed by the quality of candidates applying?

Congratulations, you have just been promoted, and your new job is so large that you have other employees reporting to you to get it all done.

The value of certification or advanced degrees, such as an MBA, often comes into question in the wake of economic downturns.
Worksites are now recognized as a key venue for health improvement at a local, state, and national level. An estimated 75% of the population in the state can be reached and impacted directly through worksite wellness programs.

In a recent decision, the Kentucky Court of Appeals reaffirmed that there are still no hard and fast rules for employers attempting to draft non-compete agreements for their employees.

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