The issue faced by human resources professional are evolving quickly. Years ago, the primary focus from a legal point of view was on avoiding instances or accusations of sexual harassment.

I can hear it now: "Oh, Great! Yet another article about analytics saving the planet, delivering world peace, and moving everyone to a state of higher being!”

Coaching means different things to different people and can vary in its effectiveness depending on the methods and strategies used. How can you be intentional in creating a coaching culture to ensure a maximum level of success?

The blocking and tackling functions of HR are hiring, firing, and managing motivation. Each has a direct impact on human performance, and human performance is the best leverage point for improving organizational performance.

The standard line in management theory regarding conflict in the work place is, “Conflict is inevitable. It’s always with us.”

"I think our organization is dying!" The voice on the other end of the phone proclaimed. When I asked the executive why, she responded, “We don’t know how to shed!”

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