Ken Blanchard calls feedback “the breakfast of champions.” You’ll be stronger the more you eat it up. When feedback starts coming in, be mindful of the following.

It’s no secret that organizations want top talent. The secrets, however, lie in the way an organization successfully manages and develops its top talent.

Life is full of choices. From the very basic questions of what time should I set my alarm, what should I wear, and how much effort will I put into work, to the more difficult questions of where do I want to live, do I want to perform that community service work I was asked about, and should I marry this person.

Snow, Autumn leaves, shining sun, refreshing breezes, and sparkling water call us to play. Play is a powerful human instinct. Have you ever thought about the opposite of play? Would you guess work?

Coaching is an effective tool for all organizations, improving performance and skills, wellbeing, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation.

Over the last two decades, the chatter in HR circles has concerned “becoming more strategic” and “getting a seat at the table.”

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