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Never Too Young to Lead

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Young Professionals face the challenge of earning the respect of their more seasoned colleagues and overcoming millennial stereotypes. Lazy, uninspired and lacking commitment...

Earlier this year, our firm had the chance to work with an unpaid intern from a local high school. We were excited for this opportunity for many reasons, including the fact that Foundations conducts a lot of training on generational differences in the workplace. We were looking forward to having a Gen Zer in our midst!

The Kentucky Supreme Court decision in Northern Kentucky Area Development District v. Snyder changed the landscape of employment contracts across the Commonwealth. In its decision, the Court held that the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) did not preempt then-enacted KRS § 336.700(2) and to that end, employers could not compel an employee to agree to arbitration as a condition of future or continued employment.

Previously, l wrote an article published by the KY State HR Magazine with a checklist for your next staff meeting. In the article, I focused on questions that teams should ask themselves to improve meeting efficiency, inclusiveness, focus, and outcomes.

HR with Grace is a concept shared by Nehemiah Manufacturing Company (NMC) and Beacon of Hope Business Alliance (BOHBA) that leads to the success of second chance hiring.  Beacon of Hope is a non-for-profit organization which was born out of NMC’s second chance hiring program.

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Employee Ghosting Survey Topic Results

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A job candidate may agree to an interview and never show up. Or they may go so far as to accept a job, yet never appear for the first day of work. And the behavior isn't limited to candidates; companies have increasingly reported stories of employees who simply leave and never return, no formal resignation, no explanation given.

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