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Bluegrass SHRM Society For Human Resource Management

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Join us for our March Breakfast Session
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
8:30am - 10:30am
UKFCU @ 1730 Alysheba Way in Lexington

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HR Pulse

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February HR Pulse Results
Which HRIS/HRMS do you currently use at your company?
Responses: ADP, Lawson and Kronos

March HR Pulse Question
While listening to an engagement podcast on CUES featuring Jen Kuhn, CEO of ServiStar Consulting, she reminded the listeners about "Catching People Doing It Right."

Right-to-work laws are being hotly contested in many states. Union advocates argue that employees who work in unionized workplaces should have to share the cost of union representation. Nevertheless, since 2012, six new states have enacted right-to-work laws. In November 2018, despite being bitterly divided, the state Supreme Court upheld Kentucky’s right-to-work law by a 4-3 vote, making Kentucky the 27th state in the country to have a right-to-work law on its books.

A recent article by Mitch Frank had me doing something I rarely do. I took a complimentary copy of Wine Spectator home.
Well, I assume magazines in hotel rooms are complimentary.
I do not believe that policy is true for hair dryers or TV remotes, but I sometimes discover that previous lodgers did.
What grabbed my attention was the picture of Tilman Fertitta on the cover. Fertitta has been an extraordinarily successful Houston-based entrepreneur for years.
He has since become well known nationally from his CNBC television series, Billion Dollar Buyer.

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Positively Bagging It

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One of the last places I wanted to be on Christmas Eve morning was standing six-deep in a checkout lane at a grocery store. Yet, there I was in our local HEB, swimming in a sea of humanity. Now, for the record, our household spends about the same amount of money each month at that HEB and three other store chains close to our home. (I don't want any other grocer friends angry at me for this commercial.)

Almost every conversation our team has with business leaders touches on today’s pace of change. That pace often prompts employers to make quick decisions, but the problem is those are not always made with the right data on hand. For example, you’re looking for ways to educate your workforce and provide them with the information they need to excel. But you’re using last year’s employee feedback survey as the basis. How do you know those insights are even relevant today?

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