Are you a Local Chapter Leader? Are you looking for a way to Network with leaders from other chapters in your region? If so, Kentucky SHRM is excited to be hosting Three Regional Council Meetings in the Fall. The purpose of the Regional Council Meetings is to allow our chapter leaders to get together, in a convenient location, to do the following:

It’s been an innovation run for LSHRM in 2018, and we’re running all the way! The Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM) proudly serves as a business partner that creates bold and innovative workforce solutions for Greater Louisville’s most pressing human resource issues.

Healthcare industry employers can, and should, take reasonable steps to identify risks of workplace violence and implement appropriately tailored measures to prevent and mitigate such violence.

Join us at the premier conference for HR professionals in the Kentucky. Receive practical information that can be applied to the real issues you face every day on the job. Gain the HR knowledge crucial to the success of your career and your organization.

The Human Resource profession, in the twenty-first century, has reached the pinnacle! For decades, HR leaders have argued to defend and prove their value within organizations. Now, the battle has been won! The importance of a strategic human resource department is clearer now than ever before. Once upon a time, HR professionals yearned for “a seat at the table”. Today, HR leaders are not only critical business partners at the table where strategic plans are being made, human resource leaders are at the head of the table!

After weeks of tedious searches and painstaking interviews, you’ve finally found…the perfect candidate. They meet the key criteria for the job and even have extensive experience in similar roles. Their flawless resume and personable interview seal the deal, and the leadership team eagerly agrees to hire them. But, six months later, your perfect hire hasn’t adjusted to their new role as well as you hoped. Their enthusiasm for their job has clearly faded, and the company is struggling to endure their inaccurate work and lack-luster team spirit.

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