I listened as a fellow professional described how he links customer experience success to his employee’s experience success; that unless his employee experience is thriving at work, his customers’ experience cannot be expected to thrive either.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:54

Why "Sink or Swim" Fails Every Time

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The biggest difference I can find between GenXers (born 1965-1979) and my Millennial peers (born 1980-2000) is our overall level of self-reliance and resourcefulness (the kind that goes beyond Googling the answer).

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:45

"WHY" Information Is Critical for Success

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Finally, a secret shared and a mystery solved. The biscuit-making people have added a seemingly obscure piece of information to their packaging about why you should place biscuits next to each other: "To make the biscuits rise", it now clarifies. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:37

Be Aware of Falling Trees

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The other day, a big tree fell on my back yard fence and completely destroyed it while I was on vacation. Lucky for me it didn’t hit my house.

Employers are key to connecting to schools so they can “pass the baton” upon graduation. Develop a consortium of employers committed to provide prospective employees with in-demand skills in the community in which they live.

Every week there is a new sexual harassment allegation in the news. But it is not a new phenomenon. For instance, Barney Frank, Bob Packwood, Anthony Weiner, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Mary Kay Letourneau, Suzanne Barr, Debra LaFave, Mike Tyson, Clarence Thomas, John Conyers, Bill O’Reilly, Harvey Weinstein...

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