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2017 SHRM CRED Talk Speakers

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CRED Talk speakers at KYSHRM: Jeff Nally, Tracy Stuckrath, Shelly Trent, Michael Harper, Angela Greer

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Keeping Your Talent Team Healthy

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For years, talent development leaders have been striving to earn a seat at the table where organization altering decisions are made. There have been numerous research articles, opinion pieces, and counterarguments made as to why a seat isn't always reserved for talent development professionals.

We’ve all seen what it looks like when the wrong people are in the wrong jobs. It’s expensive for your organization. It’s a burden on your existing work teams. It’s a strain on the employee who belongs in a different role or at a different company.

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a regular stream of major corporations flounder in the harsh spotlight after sexual harassment scandals leave them wishing they had taken human resources and employee handbooks more seriously.

Let’s survey your current staff!
How many people in your organization have been there 10+ years,
are deep-rooted and likely aren’t going anywhere until retirement?
We’ll call these staff “trees.”
And how many people haven’t been there long, and their position
will likely turn over multiple times in the next few years? We’ll call
these roles our “revolving doors.”

Every company has workplace policies and expected standards
of conduct for its employees. Unfortunately, people do not always
live up to those expectations which can result in a unilateral
decision by the company to part ways with an employee.

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