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Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award Recipient Profile Questions

Written by Hanna Resource Group

Scott McGarvey

Hanna Resource Group is pleased to profile 2012’s Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award recipient, Scott McGarvey! McGarvey is currently the President and Owner of ARCpoint Labs of Florence, an occupational screening and health facility. He is also the current KY SHRM State Council Chair Elect, and the Chair of the Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board.

Tell us a little about your background.

I graduated with a BA from Transylvania University, earned an MBA from Thomas More College, and I have had a decade of experience in restaurant operations that predates my move to Human Resources. Once in the HR field, my career spanned 10 years in generalist roles with an emphasis on employment, and I later went on to become the Vice President of a 300-employee restaurant group.

In 2012 I started an ARCpoint Labs franchise in Florence, KY, a move that allowed me to apply some of my HR-related employment experience while partnering with companies to help properly screen employees; we also offer other health and wellness services to companies.

How did you get into the field of HR?

In 2000 my company decided to implement an HR position for the first time and I was asked to move from Operations to Human Resources. Due to the size of the company, my HR position also encompassed many other responsibilities, and I was given multiple opportunities to learn and network with other HR professionals in my area.

What does having a Volunteer Spirit mean to you?

I have become a passionate supporter of HR through various volunteer roles. I joined NKY SHRM in 2005 and, before becoming President in 2009, I was an active volunteer on numerous committees as well as served as Treasurer and Vice President. While I have always worked hard to give back to the profession, I have always volunteered in other areas that I am passionate about, as well, such as in my church or my daughter’s schools.

Volunteerism is as important to me as my career because it has provided me with new challenges and ways to constantly hone my leadership skills. I have grown a great deal over the years and attribute a lot of that to my attitude and willingness to volunteer.

What did winning the Lyle Hanna Volunteer Spirit Award mean to you?

Honestly, this was the pinnacle of my HR career. Being chosen as THE passionate HR volunteer for the state is a tremendous honor and the culmination of many, many years of hard work.

Can you tell us about some ways you have seen HR make a positive impact?

HR can be proactive or reactive and, often, HR professionals are too focused on administration and don’t put forth the effort necessary to build relationships with their company’s leadership and employees. On the flip side, though, I have seen HR professionals step in to work through culture issues that were causing significant turnover, and I have seen HR professionals that have weathered leadership changes, acquisitions and mergers, and served as an impartial party to help work through workplace disputes. HR has the opportunity to be the foundational piece of leadership in their company and the glue that holds things together in challenging times; they just have to be cognizant of their influence and make choices to move the function in the right direction.

What is your favorite thing about human resources?

As the President of my company, I am no longer strictly an HR professional, but I am able to apply many of the things I have learned over the years when it comes to managing my staff. I believe that compassion and trust in individuals and the personal relationships we build are an important part of success.

Do you have any advice/words of wisdom for newbies in the field?

Get involved with professional networking groups! I have heard many HR professionals say over the years that they wished they had been more connected to their peers (especially during tough times or after being downsized from their company). In addition, networking and professional development outside of your organization is extremely valuable; I have learned so much from those NOT in my organization!


HRG appreciates Scott McGarvey taking the time to give us a glimpse into how HR has played a role in his career, and we look forward to sharing more insights in future profiles!

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