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SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition

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The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is the largest and best HR event in the world, providing your organization with the tools and resources you need to create and implement the successful HR practices that will ensure that your company will thrive.


Your company will get the targeted strategies and practical takeaways that you need to achieve your goals – from talent management to federal compliance to cutting-edge business strategies. We know that you'll go back to your office supercharged with new strategies, improved skills, and enhanced perspectives so you can thrive in your career, your team, or even your organization. Still not convinced?


Last month we told you the top 3 reasons to attend. Checkout reasons #4-6 below! For conference regirstaration visit:


1 Upgrade your career


2 Meet new people or connect with old friends


3 Recertify efficiently & effectively


4 Learn from the experts


Our sessions are led by leaders, practitioners, executives, and pioneers, and range the full spectrum of a comprehensive HR education--from the core principles that all HR professionals need, to the innovative new practices that are revolutionizing how you work.


5 Rediscover your passion


Getting out of your office lets you focus on your tough workplace problems in the most efficient way possible: fully immersed in a rich learning environment. You'll focus on the solutions and skills you need and get energized by the spirit of learning and collaboration all around you!


6 Transform your perspectives


Our keynote speakers will share stories and viewpoints that could change the way you see the world. Some of the keynoters include Paul Begala, CNN commentator and international political analyst, Tucker Carlson, longtime newspaper and magazine writer, and Sal Khan, an acclaimed author on education and the founder of Khan Academy, a nonprofit with over 26 million registered students in 190 countries.

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