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Bridging the Talent Gap

Welcome to the KYSHRM Bridging the Talent Gap KY survey link. If you have any questions about the survey or the results process please contact KYSHRM Executive Director, Shannon Byrne, at

The Kentucky SHRM State Council is about to embark on a monumental project which has the potential of dramatic impact across the Commonwealth.  Our endeavors have the support of KCEWS - Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics and KCTCS - The Kentucky Community and Technical College System as well as other government agencies who are interested in finding out the workforce needs of business and industry across Kentucky.  The initiative is called Bridging the Talent Gap - Kentucky.

What is Bridging the Talent Gap?

Bridging The Talent Gap (BTTG) is a campaign to help employers, learning providers and other community stakeholders understand and meet the challenges of ensuring a skilled and educated workforce.  Campaign sponsor, The Graduate! Network (TGN), leaders of a national effort to increase college completion among adults, will collect employer data to identify ways to bridge talent gaps, one Kentucky community at a time, via a partnership with Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management.

The data collection will be led by Bridgett Strickler and Dan Ash, both represented by TGN.  The data collected will be used to populate an interactive data dashboard representing the State of Kentucky similar to the one found
here.  The dashboard is a tool that communities across the nation including Louisville, Kentucky; Southern Indiana; Mercer County, New Jersey; Spokane, Washington; Jacksonville, Florida; Greensboro, North Carolina and the State of Tennessee are using to generate a sense of urgency to solve talent gap needs.  A unique feature of this project is a partnership with the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics (KCEWS),  the State's longitudinal data system  and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System College System (KCTCS) both which will provide even more richness to the robust data set.

For this to be successful, Human Resources professionals and executive leadership across the state will be urged to participate in this talent alignment survey. This critical study calls upon our HR community to identify skills and education gaps, recruitment barriers and other workforce challenges plaguing our organizations. The results of this talent alignment survey will help elevate the urgency for our governor, educational institutions and community leaders across the Commonwealth to take action NOW.

What are next steps?

Surveys will be sent to HR professionals and other business leaders across the state. You may receive one from your local SHRM chapter, from national SHRM if you are not a member of a local chapter, your local Workforce Innovation Board or other sources.  It is very important that you follow the directions and complete the survey. You only need to complete one.  However, if there is more than one HR person in your company who is also located in Kentucky, it's OK for more than one to complete the survey.  You may be recruiting for different areas in your company in Kentucky and will have different workforce needs. We need your participation to enhance the reliability and validity of the survey.  The more Kentucky companies that are represented in the data, the concise the results will be for the workforce needs in Kentucky.

You should have received surveys within the past week. Please don't overlook the survey. We know that the data is needed and wanted by government officials, educators and community leaders so that they can address the workforce needs of businesses in Kentucky. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important statewide initiative.

The Bridging The Talent Gap Team

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