Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:37

Be Aware of Falling Trees

Written by Cheryl Jekiel

The other day, a big tree fell on my back yard fence and completely destroyed it while I was on vacation. Lucky for me it didn’t hit my house.

Just a few weeks earlier, my neighbor and I had discussed the need to cut the tree back to protect the fence. But I didn’t do it. As soon as I learned that it fell, I kicked myself for not heeding the warning.

Yet, was the tree falling really a bad thing? We it actually caused my husband and I to install a new privacy fence as the replacement, which led to finally installing a new hot tub in the back yard. As I sat in my brand new hot tub the other day, I realized that the fallen tree was in fact the impetus for a change for the better. 

So where were there other falling trees in my life? Situations that at first appear to be negative but actually force me to make needed changes. I quickly realized several things have happened in the last several months that feel ‘bad’ but are actually making way for new avenues of growth and happiness.

Be aware of falling trees doesn’t just mean to look out for them in order to stay clear, but to be ‘aware’ of them as opportunities.

Change is constant. As human beings, we naturally resist it. We fight it with everything we have. But events that force change are necessary and can be truly helpful. Falling trees can propel you forward.

So leave yourself open to the idea that what looks to be challenges or accidents may be creating space for something new that’s needed.

Do you need a tree to fall to give you the reason to make changes?

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Cheryl Jekiel is the Founder of Lean Leadership Center, Inc. and is an author in Rethinking Human Resources. She can be reached at cjekiel@leanleadershipcenter.com.

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