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Three Mistakes Costing You the Perfect Hire!

Written by Renee Fulton

The labor market is VERY tight right now which means small mistakes go a long way to losing the perfect candidate. You are no longer the only good thing to come along. The job seeker has several options going on at the same time and common mistakes we see all the time are leading your perfect hire to say YES to another company’s job offer.

What mistakes are causing you to lose the hire?

Mistake #1:  Having a long interview process whereby the candidate must return to your office for two, three and four interviews.  This process is not only long and drawn out, but puts the candidate at risk for having to miss work for each interview.  Your best workers keen on doing a good job will be particularly sensitive to missing too much work.

Solution:  Streamline your process to combine a few of the interviews into one.  A candidate expects two interviews, but the third and fourth are usually so they can ‘meet’ others at the company. If the first interview goes well followed by a solid second interview, consider having them meet others in the department or company at the tail end of the second interview. Perhaps a 10 -minute allotment will suffice to accomplish your goal.

Hiring right is very important and your process should not be rushed, but should be streamlined to accomplish all the vetting goals you set in a compact timeframe, or you will lose the very candidate you got excited about.

Mistake #2:  Making the Job Offer with very little information.  Sometimes companies offer the job with only the salary and title discussed.  The candidate needs more information to make a good long- term decision and that is exactly what you want, a good long -term decision to be made.

Solution: Information about what benefits are offered and when they will be effective along with cost information is very important.  Time and again we see companies not include their selling points to the candidate. Human Resources works so hard to put together a well thought out benefits package so be sure to use it as a pull to get a ‘yes’ to your job offer.

Do you offer flex time, extra benefits, bonuses, a generous vacation policy?  These are all selling points for your company and should be listed in the offer letter and discussed so they pop off the page!

Mistake #3:  Making the offer and getting the acceptance and then telling the candidate about your hiring contingencies such as background checks, physicals, drug screens etc.  Not only is this a mistake because you might lose the candidate even after they accepted the job, but also because it puts you at legal risk.   Did the candidate accept your position and immediately give notice to their current employer having no idea you required a criminal background check and drug screen?  Often these will come back clean, but will take a week or more to complete leaving the candidate in a confusing state with their current employer.

Solution:  Inform the candidate both verbally and in the offer letter of any contingencies you have upon hire.  If you require a criminal background check as a condition of the job offer, go out of your way to ensure the candidate understands this.  We advise the candidate NOT to give notice to the current employer until the background check is back and determined to be acceptable at which time you will let them know they can give notice.

We had a situation where a person had a DUI and didn’t think it would hinder his employment.  The client had a government contract under strict guidance and a DUI conviction was specifically not acceptable. The client had to withdraw the job offer, but the candidate had already given notice.  This was a sticky and potentially dangerous situation for the client, but in the end, the candidate kept their job at their current employer.

If you ensure your hiring process does not have these top 3 mistakes, your chances of losing the excellent hire will decrease greatly. Best of luck in your hiring!

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Renee Fulton is President of Talis Group, Inc., a boutique Staffing & Executive Recruiting Firm that’s been around since 1995.  We help clients hire in Accounting, Administrative & Clerical, Human Resources, Engineering, Legal and Manufacturing Management.  We are a Female Business Enterprise.

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