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What Are We Here For?

Written by Dave Martin, Contributing Author, Financial Supermarkets, Inc.


A recent article by Mitch Frank had me doing something I rarely do. I took a complimentary copy of Wine Spectator home.

Well, I assume magazines in hotel rooms are complimentary.

I do not believe that policy is true for hair dryers or TV remotes, but I sometimes discover that previous lodgers did.

What grabbed my attention was the picture of Tilman Fertitta on the cover. Fertitta has been an extraordinarily successful Houston-based entrepreneur for years.

He has since become well known nationally from his CNBC television series, Billion Dollar Buyer.

Fertitta is the CEO and owner of Landry's, one of the largest hospitality groups in the country.v Oh, and he also owns the Houston Rockets.

Still, Fertitta's first love remains restaurants.

Reading his comments about running successful restaurants had me reflecting on the many conversations I've had with restaurant owners and managers over the years.

I'm fascinated by what makes one restaurant a hit and another a miss.

I also smile when friends talk about opening their own place after they retire.

Because, an uber-competitive, labor-intensive, government-inspected business sounds like such a relaxing retirement!

Fertitta acknowledges that he is referred to as "the king of middlebrow cuisine."

Honestly, that is something I like about his chains. I like going to dinner with my family without feeling I'm making an investment decision.

He suggests that too many "highbrow" and "celebrity chef" restaurants forget that they are, foremost, in the hospitality business.

Fertitta recognizes who are the most important people in any of his restaurants.

They aren't found in the kitchen.

The most important people in a restaurant are the folks who actually pay to keep the doors open - the customers.

Customers do not exist for the benefit of businesses.

Businesses exist for the benefit of customers.

Laser focusing on customer experiences and delivering on your promises are the truest way of focusing on your business.

People walking into our branches, phoning our call centers, emailing our online support, etc. today are not burdens.

They are the reasons our businesses (and jobs) exist.

Let them see today - in word, tone, and action - that you and your team fully recognize that fact.

Dave Martin

Contributing Author

Financial Supermarkets, Inc.

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