Tuesday, 09 April 2019 13:06

Prepare Your Workforce for the Unthinkable

Written by Kelly Holden

Speaking at a recent Active Shooter Seminar, DBL Law Partner Kelly Holden advised, “If you don’t have a plan in place and have not practiced that plan, it could be catastrophic from a legal perspective.”

As we all try to wrap our heads around recent active shooter situations, it is time to ask “Are you prepared? Do you have an Active Shooter/Workplace Violence preparedness plan in place?” These situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly so it is important to be prepared. Preparation can save lives and keep your employees safe.

Steps you should take:

• Develop an emergency action plan

• Train staff for an active shooter situation and practice the plan

• Recognize potential workplace violence indicators

• Develop a communication plan to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident

• Designate a single spokesperson who will work with legal authorities and the press

• Draft a workplace violence policy with mandatory reporting

Best Practices:

• Conduct security and risk assessments

• Develop Human resource policies that include:

   -Background checks/screening
   -Incident investigation policy
   -High-risk termination procedures


• Have a legal professional review and provide guidance

• Evaluate insurance coverage availability

• Consider your employees’ emotional well-being

• Terminate when there is an act or threat of violence by an employee

• Contact police, when needed


Kelly Holden is the practice group leader for DBL Law’s Employment Law division, which represents private and public employers in all facets of employment law.

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