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Veterans at Work Certificate Program

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Don’t forget about this certification to add to your professional development toolbox that doesn’t require National SHRM membership and there is no cost!

SHRM: Veterans at Work Certification

The big news at the recent SHRM Leadership Conference was a certification that all Human Resource team members can earn, the Veterans at Work Certification.

Why pursue this certification:

  • Reflects a continual pursuit of investing in your career and self-development.
  • Update your resume’ with the credential while enhancing your value to your company.
  • Unlike other certifications, at this time there is no cost to obtain this certification.
  • You will earn Professional Development Credits toward other certifications.

Visit to register.

Earn Your Veterans at Work Certificate

Created for HR professionals, this new education program from the SHRM Foundation will focus on best practices to attract, hire, and retain veterans. Participants will earn a Certificate after completing a multi-faceted program.

The basis for the content review will be the SHRM Foundation's new guidebook, The Recruitment, Hiring, Retention & Engagement of Military Veterans, which includes:

  • A business case for hiring military and veteran candidates. This easy-to-use resource outlines the important role HR professionals and hiring managers can play in the successful transition of veterans from military service to employment.
  • Evidence-based guidelines for practice, including case studies implemented by organizations.
  • Resources and references to programs and services to augment or support veteran and military hiring initiatives.

Download a copy of the free guidebook

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