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Lexington Corporate Wellness Company takes ‘Healthy at Home’ to New Levels

Written by Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions, LLC

Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions, LLC boosts engagement amid pandemic

“Typically, our over 300 wellness based challenges reward employees who participate with points in six areas of wellbeing: Emotional; Physical; Occupational; Social; Purpose and Financial. However, knowing our clients would be working mostly from home for the time being, we tasked our employees to come up with wellness challenges that would spark creativity at home, bring families closer and encourage outside-of-the-box ways to exercise at home,” Travis Burgett, President, said.  “Not only does this reward employees with lower medical insurance premiums or higher company HSA contributions, but it lowers the company’s bottom line,” Burgett said. “Most importantly, it's rewarding employees for being healthy at home, sticking with Governor Andy Beshear’s orders. It’s a win-win for all and it’s fun!” 

Many clients have already benefited from some of the challenges ICWS rolled out on the WellRight platform on April 1. Some challenge examples are the “Frequent Cleaner” which encourages 30 days of cleaning high-touch surface areas,


a “Virtual High 5” challenge which encourages twice weekly virtual workouts with a friend


and reconnecting to an “Old Hobby.”


At a time when health and wellness is coming more to the forefront than ever before, it's vital that companies invest in their employees’ wellbeing.  Ryan Byars, Vice President of Operations, said that just like no one person is the same, no one company’s health issues are the same. “It does no company good to have a generic wellness program focused on strokes if the majority of their medical claims were on diabetes,” Byars said. “We are able to work with every client to build and adapt a program that is sustainable for them based on their own medical claims and needs.”


ICWS is pushing the barriers in the corporate wellness industry, specializing in wellness program development and incentive design based on data analytics. Burgett and Byars have spearheaded a cohesive company integrating a multitude of facets from lifestyle coaching, on-site/near site primary care clinics, biometric screenings and a simple and engaging wellness program platform. Together, the two have over two decades of experience facilitating innovative partnerships between employers, payers and providers. Their clientele spans hospital systems, manufacturing companies, architectural firms and more throughout the region. At a time when the wellness of employees is crucial, ICWS is an attractive option to any employer, and that’s worthy of a virtual high five!

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Integrated Corporate Wellness Solutions, LLC, (ICWS) in Lexington, Kentucky offers corporate clients wellness programs that are driving engagement amid the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping employees healthy at home and lowering the bottom line.

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